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Automation of the restaurants, bars and cafes with GregSys Software


  • Automation of the process in all aspects: order acceptance, mutual settlement of accounts with vendors and warehouse remain counting   
  • Software sets up according to all specific wishes of the individual clients.
  • Easy and quick installation of the software in restaurant chains as well as in small cafes and bars.
  • Remote control via internet. Even by phone you can work with software from all over the world.

  • Convenient and easy interface for order input through customise  menu (easy to learn for almost everybody).
  • Easy and quick combination or separation of orders and tables.
  • Work with any size of monitors and devices.
  • Work with Cash drawer.
  • Notes system, which is printed in the kitchen or bar in case of special orders.
  • A wide range of reports which provide any information for different periods of time.

  • Prepayment and debt opportunities for customers and vendors.
  • Simple editing of table scheme.
  • Different types of payment (cash, credit, voucher).
  • Customer display integration to the system.
  • Flow of goods in a real time.
  • Making inventory in a real time without work termination.
  • Entering of semi-finished products during making inventory.
  • Ability of discount cards, bonuses and discounts.
  • Creation of complicated dishes (dish in the dish).
  • Unlimited users, warehouses, tables.
  • Colored menu buttons with the opportunity to display dish pictures.
  • Automatic change of prices at your mentioned time of the day.
  • Quick customer service 24-hour.



Gregsys program package prevents robbery, saves money and time for you. It is a tool and useful as much as you use it.

Gregsys software is written in C # language, WPF technology. As a database program uses Microsoft Sql Server:

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