Taking  and payment of orders


For taking orders

Main menu> POS

Depending on the type of tables and warehouse will open tables view, which is  the following

We choose the table for  taking  the order.

On the right side there are categories of menu and menu,  on the left side are  the orders. After taking orders we click  [Settle] button, after which in  the kitchen and in the bar will be printed the orders and on the screen will display the list of  tables. Tables’ colors depends on their states. Tables can be in  3 states:  free, busy, and  reserved (after printing the bill (ticket)the table is blocked).


On the left side of the screen are  the following buttons  [Change Table], [Select Customer], [Ticket Notes ] and  [Print] buttons.


 After pointing the lines the buttons are changed.

 These buttons are the follows  [Gift] (possibly make a gift for each product), [Cancel], [Move] [Change price] (it is possible to change the price of each product  if the user has the permission to change the price) and [Recipe] (shows the recipe of the dish).


When we needs to get payment from the customer we just  click the [Settle] button. Will be opened  payment page.


It is possible to make two types of discounts by cards or manually  (any percentage).

  1. For making discount by card you  need to enter the discount card in advance. Before printing bill(ticket) the discount card is put on  a card reader on the payment page and the system will make the card discount according the percentage entered in advance. If you need to cancel the discount made by card we leave empty  [Discount card ID] and  click on [Enter  the card] button.

   2. To make discount manually  we should input the discount percentage and press [Discount%] button. To  cancel the discount we just need to click on [Discount%] button.

To get the payment you need to input the sum and  click to choose  the type of payment (cash, credit card, etc.). There is an opportunity to get the payment  partly by various payment types.



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