Input of meals


For entering goods you should input  category and items ( it is  possible input goods  without items ). Then must be entered the good  and  added it into the menu.


Main menu> Manage> Products> Categories> Add Category

Input  category name. Point  the category of products are  from bar or not. This setting is very important because later the calculation of the Inventory  items depends on the product  made in the kitchen or in the bar.


Inventory Items Input

Main menu> Manage> Products> Inventory Items> Add Inventory Item


Input the name, choose a unit of measurement and critical quantity. If you wish, the  Inventory items can be divided into groups such as meat, fish, and so on.


Products input

Main menu> Manage> Products> Product List> Add Product


Input  the  name, other name. Other name used in cases when it needs to print bill (Ticket) in two languages. Select a Category: Add the Inventory Items which  determine the price of the product. You should add the inventory items and their quantities in recipe for  one portion. During the sale the inventory items will be deducted from warehouse list according to the recipe.



Main menu> Manage> Products>Menu list > Edit Menu list

On the left side is  the menu categories list, in brackets there is quantity of the products in this category. Note that these categories are the same  with the categories of products or be a completely different from the categories of products .


Here you can add, delete and edit menu categories, as well as add or delete products from the categories.


To add a product in the category you  need to stop at that category and click on the [Edit Category Products]  button. A window will be opened with a list of products.


From the  list of products (left part) point the product (1), click on >>button (2) then the product will appear in the list of selected products. It is possible to filter the product with the help of search field. Selected products can be removed from menu moving them from the right side to the left. 

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